Commercial DUI

February 14, 2016

Why Commercial Drivers Should Strictly Follow Safe Driving Rules

The Sacramento DUI lawyers maintain that commercial drivers may get severe punishments, if they found guilty under the DUI law in California. This is the reason why they recommend commercial drivers to strictly follow safe driving practices to avoid punishment.

The DUI accident cases is growing at an alarming rate, and courts across the nation are getting more strict against the errant drivers who are found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, drug or any illegal substance. In Sacramento, the law enforcement agencies actively apprehend DUI offenders and produce them before the court. According to The Sacramento DUI Specialists, the law enforcement agencies are stricter against the commercial DUI drivers and they could be subjected to harsher legal consequences. This is the reason why the lawyers recommend all drivers, including commercial vehicle drivers, to avoid driving in an inebriated condition.

However, an experienced Sacramento DUI attorney reveals that a driver could lose his driver’s license when caught driving under the influence of alcohol or any contraband. If a commercial driver’s BAC level (Blood Alcohol Concentration Level) is over 0.04, he is going to lose his CDL license. However, this alcohol level limit for driving personal vehicle is 0.08, and this shows why a commercial driver is more vulnerable to be caught by the authorities.

According to the lawyer, losing a commercial driving license may have a larger impact, as a driver may lose his job or the way of earning his livelihood. This is the reason why a commercial driver needs to be more careful and should follow the law more earnestly. The law firm helps all drivers, including commercial drivers, to create a solid Sacramento criminal defense when they are charged with a DUI offense. For any accused it’s crucial to get in touch with an experienced lawyer without losing time.

The lawyers offer free initial legal consultation to help defend the legal rights of the commercial drivers in Sacramento. They offer their expert services to save drivers from losing their license, from paying hefty fines or serving jail terms. Any driver or a commercial driver in Sacramento may benefit from the lawyer’s immediate help.

December 13, 2015

Commercial Drivers And DUI Legal Consequences

As we can see from the official statistical data, more DUI accidents take place all over the nation on a year to year basis. Thousands of people are injured or even killed in those accidents and this is why it is only natural that the law enforcement authorities are so determined to apprehend and punish any DUI offenders. With that said, despite the fact that potential DUI consequences and penalties are very harsh for every driver, when it comes to the commercial vehicle operators, the punishment can be even more severe.

The law is very specific when it comes to the commercial vehicle. Regardless of whether you were caught driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances when you were operating your personal or the commercial vehicle, you still risk losing both the CDL license and your own driver’s license. Furthermore, it is also important for the commercial drivers to keep in mind that this category of drivers cannot be operating the vehicle in case their BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels are above 0.04. This is two times less than the standards for people, who are driving their own non-commercial vehicles. Common DUI offenders are only charged with the drunk driving if their BAC equals 0.08. Yet, even if you were pulled over at a DUI checkpoint and submitted yourself to the sobriety tests, which indicated that your BAC level is 0.08 and you were driving your own vehicle, there is still a huge chance that you are going to lose your CDL license.

There is no need to say that losing your commercial driving license will have a negative impact on your job. It can be a very difficult situation for you and your family. Commercial vehicle operators will not be able to work without CDL. Furthermore, they might not be allowed to drive any vehicle at all.

In addition to the above-mentioned consequences, do not forget about all the fines you will be obliged to pay, all the court fees and perhaps even restitution. This means thousands of dollars from your pocket that you might not afford to pay without your job. Moreover, you will have to attend special alcohol or drug awareness courses which you will need to pay for too. Community service may be a part of your sentence and do not forget that if a minor was involved at the time of an incident, you can face actual jail time.

If you are a commercial driver, who was charged with a DUI offense, it is crucial not to lose any time and to get in touch with a qualified and experienced Sacramento DUI attorney at the earliest opportunity. The Sacramento DUI lawyer will be capable of using his knowledge and skills to minimize the sentence or to get the charges dropped to begin completely.

The Sacramento DUI Specialists,